Fashion, Trendy Cities

If we say fashion cities, all of us will immediately think about fashion capitals such as New York, London, Milan and Paris. Those 4 metropolitan are known for the hometown of fashion and designers.  Nowadays, many other cities has become so called “trendy cities”. Where new fashion styles and inspiration has been born. Trendy cities includes for examples Tokyo, Shanghai,  Copenhagen, Berlin etc.

For this article, I have chosen one trendy city, which I think that it belongs to one of the influential fashion city in Europe and it is Vienna.  Vienna is a capital city of Austria with population about 1.731 million. It is 9th largest European city. Austria is a German speaking country, because of its history. Borders of Austria included Czech republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Vienna has been always connected as a „City of music“.

This summer I have spent many times in Vienna, because it was convenient, since it is really close to my hometown and I had reasons to go there.  First of all I have spent my time on Art and Photography exhibitions, which are held most of them at Museums Quartier. Compared to Czech republic, Vienna have larger outlets and more brands to choose, therefore I have spent most of the time in Vienna shops rather than in Prague. I have been fascinated by local Austrian people. They’re sense of style and the way of dressing was totally different than I am used to in my country. I have to say that it is a positive pleasure to be out of a country. I am always looking forward for it, because in my opinion Czech people are way too behind from fashion.  To be honest, I have fall in love with Vienna city. I am passionate about photography, art or any kind of modern art exhibitions, and Vienna has bring me a various opportunities and chances to visit and to inspire myself.  The last visit to Vienna was during MQ Vienna Fashion Week in September. I have met various collection of not only Austrian designers, but designers from other European countries as well. This small fashion week has bring along many fashionable and aspiring young talents.  I have enjoyed my stay in this city and I would for sure recommended to others. Walking through city a city center and meeting all kinds of people, knowing that they have different lifestyle and life goals through their ways of clothing. It was just a totally different atmosphere and I have felt much more better in here than back in Czech republic, when I am talking from a fashion point of view.

To conclude, in my opinion Vienna is a great place for a short visit. It is very inspirational city with history. It has its own Fashion Week as well as exhibitions going on regularly. For people who are seeking for an inspiration, Vienna is a best place for looking an inspiration while walking by the river, visiting museums, castles or even during a walk on a street and passing around many shops and interesting people. I think, any town, city at any corner of the world apart from our hometown we will find it inspirational and somehow magnificent.


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